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- About The Brand Canadcandle -

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Aromatic Oils
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Ingredient Commitment

All Scented Canadcandle Candles and Wax melts are made with Natural Soy Wax with our own scent blend. We buy from Canadian Wholesalers whenever possible.

Canadcandle uses a blend of natural Coconut & Soy wax and only Grade A therapeutic essential oils for our aromatherapy candles,  they are blended to promote wellness and health.  As Grade A therapeutic essential oils pure and free from contaminants or synthetic fillers, they are much more expensive and of the highest quality so you receive the full natural benefit of the plants aroma.

I am Accredited for Professional Aromatherapy for wellness, and Clinical Aromatherapy For Health, as well as I have taken Aromatherapy- Using Essential Oils For Natural Living courses. We blend the perfect amounts of essential oils for holistic healing.

Note: Some essential oils may have CONTRAINDICATIONS  to infants, pets or Pregnant & breastfeeding women.  If you have a specific Medical condition and take medication check with your physician if Aromatherapy would be a good Complimentary Therapy for you. I will note any contraindications in the product information.

At Canadcandle 12262771 Canada Inc. we’re passionate about making quality Candles and melts, that will make you smile. We have come up with a "Uniquely Canadian" brand, we hope everyone can enjoy .Our Scented candle fragrances are blended to perfection. Our Candle names are Canadian slang,  from across Canada. Feel free to give us some support and any ideas you may have, or suggestions on slang from your particular part of Canada we can name our new products or even your ethnic slang, why limit it, Canada is full of every Nationality! If you have an Ailment you would like a Candle blend made for, please drop us a line. I will make custom orders as well. Lets Promote Canadian! Please feel free to visit our facebook page and don't forget to Like Us!

What is Canadcandle?


At Canadcandle we wanted to be a little different just like the many different Canadians for our "Uniquely Canadian Brand" We offer a Quality product using the finest materials available to give you the best experience. We want Canada to smile.  Our products we keep all natural and clean burning. We only use Pure therapeutic grade essential oils for our aromatherapy candles and melts to create the best possible product. We added a little sillyness  to our names because that's who we are.

​At Canadcandle we are committed to providing luxurious quality products at affordable pricing. 

We love candles! we have bought candles from other Big Brands, but they just don't have the scent throw that pops, some you couldn't even smell. I started making my own candles and the scents were much better! I want the best scented candles so  I started making my own scents! When I took the aromatherapy courses (To help my puggle with some breathing issues) it helped, he liked it! I thought why not try the healing of essential oils for the candles! and so my aromatherapy line came to be. I believe that the healing of nature is the best type of healing you can do.

We came up with the idea for  the Canadian Slang names for the Candles when my Husband made a statement that only Newfoundlander's can make money by making fun of themselves.  I thought why can't the rest of Canada do the same. So the idea of Canadcandle came to life.  It was a struggle to perfect the candle making process and the distinctive Canadian brand, but here we are.  I hope you all enjoy the products and that they Put A Smile on your face!

Note: Always be careful with Candles when children or pets are around, place in a spot children or pets cannot access or topple over. Never leave a candle unattended.

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